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Dome is now shipping.

Dome is a beautiful, high quality and functional stand and cable organizer dock.
Designed with a mission to make the experience of charging and docking
an Apple iPhone and Apple Watch simple and effortless.


Introducing dome

Sleek and stylish, CNC machined aluminum stand and dock designed for Apple Watch and iPhone.
No compromises.

Combined stand and dock for iPhone & Apple Watch.

One stand, designed for both devices.

Elegant, beautiful, colorful.

Fits into everyone’s lifestyle.

Watch the Reveal film

Colors to match your lifestyle

Dome is available in Silver, Grey, Black, Gold and Rose Gold.

Ultimate design

We worked hard to create a unique design that is minimalistic, elegant and functional.
We didn’t just design another stand. We defined the ultimate dock.

Dome in the news...

"Defined, based in Santa Ana California, has created a very stylish minimalist Apple Watch and Apple iPhone dock"
Julia HorseyGeeky-Gadgets
"Your Apple Watch will sparkle on this bejeweled charger."
Sandra ThompsonClut of Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to most FAQs.

Can dome scratch my phone or watch?

No, all the surfaces of the dome are smooth and there is no metal to metal contact point between the dome and the phone or watch.

Is dome scratch resistant?

The surface finish of dome is very durable, however like any aluminum parts, with sharp objects and force it can be scratched or damaged.

Can dome hide the excess cables?

Dome was designed so that the cables can be all coiled to eliminate the excess cable regardless on how close the USB charger is.

What is dome made of?

Dome is made of aluminum and refined on precision CNC machines.

Which Apple Watch models will dome work with?

All first generation Apple Watch models will work with the Dome. For link and loop style bracelets, the included nightstand adapter must be used.

Does dome work with any magnetic chargers?

Dome works with both the plastic magnetic charger supplied with the Aluminum Sport Apple watch models as well as with the stainless steel enclosed Apple Watch Chargers.

Does dome work with any lightning cable?

Dome only works with an authentic Apple lightning cable.

Does dome work if I use a protective case on my iPhone?

The lightning cable is adjustable and, therefore, most iPhone protective case will work with the Dome.

Does dome come with the Apple Magnetic Charging cable and lightning dock cables?

No, you must use your existing Apple Magnetic Charging cable and lighting dock cables with the dome.